RE/MAX United Balloon Event a Great Success!




The RE/MAX United Balloon Event at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre for the presentation of the movie "UP" was a great success. It was a HOT Evening in Cary bu that did not stop people from attending the event and enjoying the 25' and 8' cold air balloon displays.


Complimentary fans and magnets were distributed to promote the new RE/MAX United Website - a website all about Cary, NC! News, Events and Happenings, and Local Area information in Cary, NC and the surrounding towns in the Triangle.






Brochures were handed out by RE/MAX United Associates that gave the history of the RE/MAX Balloon and how they could schedule a hot air  educational balloon event at their school.






RE/MAX United is happy to sponsor school, community and charitable events by bringing in the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon. Both outdoor and classroom educational programs for balloon flight are available for your school programs and community events.





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