Garner, a town located just south of Raleigh, has a history that goes back to 1847.  Garner was chosen as the site between Charlotte and Greensboro for the train depot known as Garner's Station.  There are records that show Garner had settlers in the area prior to the Revolutionary War.  Lake Benson located in Garner was originally known as Rand's Mill. 

Garner is known to have experienced actual combat in the closing days of the Civil War.  The "Garner" house is said to have been used as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

Farming was the chief source of income for early Garner and cotton was the principal crop.  The first retail business was said to be a wood shop owned by Henry Fort - a cabinetmaker and carpenter.  Shortly following the wood shop, blacksmiths, repair shops, barber shops and livery stables joined in the commerce of the town.

Garner, today, is continuing to grow and will as predicted by the town officials. 

Garner Schools

City Overview

Population: 25,343
Population growth since 2000: 33.70%
Median home cost: $160,470
Cost of living: 4.96 lower than U.S. average
Public Schools spending per student: $5,200
Unemployment rate: 8.30%

Garner weather facts

  • July is the average warmest month.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 105 degrees in 1952.
  • On average, the coolest month is January.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was -6 degrees in 1985.
  • The maximum average precipitation occurs in January.

Tax Rates

Town - $.4900
Wake County - $.534/$100
Total - $1.0725

Wake County - 2% 
State - 4%
NC Prepared Food - 1%

Median Age Median Household Income Population
36 $47,380 17,757

* Based on 2000 US Census.

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