Located in the heart of Chatham County, Pittsboro is one of the fastest growing counties in the state.  Pittsboro is located 16 miles from Chapel Hill, 25 miles to the Research Triangle Park and only 32 miles from Raleigh.  The median age in the town is 39.2 years and there are currently about 6,000 folks that reside in the Pittsboro jurisdiction.


Pittsboro was first incorporated as a municipal entity in 1787.  The town has great heritage and history which has been preserved nicely through the residents.  Originally a part of Orange County, Chatham County began back in 1787 when 100 acres was bought as the seat of Chatham County.  Named for William Pitt the Younger, who was the second son of Earl of Chatham and known for defending American Rights in the British Parliament, the town has prospered and grown.  The town embraces small town values of respect for one another and a strong sense of community.


Through the centuries, while the town has grown and changed, it has held onto its goal of maintaining the character of the old days.  Driving through the downtown and historic districts, you can see that the past and present town leaders have been successful in accomplishing this endeavor.  Pittsboro is known for its friendly, caring people, relatively low cost of living, a slower pace of living than the big cities, a low crime rate and yet it has all the conveniences of the other triangle cities that are close to it.  It's people are a diverse group of farmers and artists, students and merchants and is home to the North Carolina Zen Center.  The town supports fotware developers, bio-fuel research and production, antique shops and art galleries.


Pittsboro was featured in April 2004 issue of Southern Living where it boasts of the quaint antique shops, neighborhood eateries, historic churches, and small retail establishments.  The center of town boasts a roundabout sending you to shops and eateries or the courthouse which was built in 1881 and restored in 1991.  The historical architecture of Pittsboro still remains an important reminder of the town's growth since late in the 18th century. 


Pittsboro weather facts

Pittsboro, NC, gets 48 inches of rain per year.  The US average is 37.  Snowfall is 4 inches.  The average US city gets 25 inches of snow per year.  The number of days with any measureable precipitation is 108.

On average, there are 216 sunny days per year in Pittsboro, NC.  The July high is around 90 degrees.  The January low is 27.  Our comfort index, which is based on humidity during the hot months, is a 35 out of 100, where higher is more comfortable.  The US average on the comfort index is 44.

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Wake County - $.534/$100

Wake County - 2% 
State - 4%
NC Prepared Food - 1%

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