Xios Greek Restaurant

So, the first thing visitors ask is "how do you pronounce Xios?" It is pronounced HEE-os.

The owners, Kirk and Denise Hatzidakis went on their honeymoon to the Greek islands and were so inspired by the food they enjoyed in the island villages, they decided to open their own restaurant.

Kirk's parents actually come from the island of Xios and both are experts in their native cuisine.  His father, George has been a culinary expert for over 42 years and has owned 2 restaurants.  Kirk's mother, Julia, has enjoyed baking since her childhood years and has mastered the temperamental medium of phyllo pastry.

Superb mastery of the recipes really set this Greek restaurant apart from all the others.  The seafood is first rate, the vegetarian meals delightful, and the meat mezethes are pure artistry.

The ambiance is warm and inviting and the friendly staff make the guests feel like family.

800 W. William St. Suite 100;
Apex, NC 27502
(919) 363-5288

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