Cary Academy

Cary Academy is a private middle and high school  located in Cary, North Carolina and was established in 1996 by James Goodnight and John Sall.  Doctors Goodnight and Sall were cofounders of SAS Institute.  And because of the influence of Goodnight and Sall, the school places much emphasis on the use of technology in the classroom.  For example, in the 2006-2007 school year, the school transferred to a Tablet PC program for all students. 

The school issued Tablet PCs to each student, model HP Compaq TC4400, replacing desktops that had been used previously.  Tablet PCs are small laptop computers that can be used in "tablet mode", in which an electronic stylus is used to write on the screen thereby almost eliminating the use of paper and textbooks. 

Cary Academy is a nonsectarian coed private middle and high school located at 1500 N. Harrison Avenue .  The school has 715 students.  Students attend  179 school days per year for 7 hours per day. 

According to parents give Cary Academy an overall score of 9 out of a possible 10.   One parent calls Cary Academy, "a technological dreamland"  while another parent found that Cary Academy "strives for excellence in all areas" . 

Striving for excellence is something that all students at Cary Academy are  encouraged to do.  For example, there are enough Advanced Placement classes that an AP option in nearly every subject is available for juniors and seniors.  Almost ninety percent of students participate in a two to three week foreign exchange program with students from other countries.  As for athletics, all six of the varsity level sports are competing in the state playoffs this fall.

Cary Academy is just another one of the best reasons that Cary is the place to live.

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