Cary Elementary School


Citizens of Cary have been able to look down South Academy Street since 1979

and see a school.  Three different buildings have stood on the site now occupied by the main building of Cary Elementary School.

Established in 1870 as Cary Academy, a private boarding school, the academy was incorporated in 1896 as Cary High School,  Cary High School was housed in several different building constructed on the present site at 100 Dry Ave, the focal point of Cary's historic Academy Street.  Cary became the first public high school in North Carolina.


Cary High School became the first public high school in Wake county and possible the first state-assisted public high school in North Carolina.  The current building is an elegant Neoclassical Revival structure, was constructed in 1939.  Now known as the Old Cary Elementary School, it is slated to become a community arts center and continues to hold pride of place in the heart of Cary's historic district.


400 Kildaire Farm Road
Cary, North Carolina 27511


Grades: PreK - 5

2008/09 Bell Schedule 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

2008/09 Enrollment - 510

School Mascot - The Cougar


Instructional Calendar

Cary Elementary runs on the Traditional calendar.  Currently the Traditional calendars are available for download at





Traditional curriculum schools offer students high quality instruction, opportunities for advanced studies, creative exploration and extra-curricular activities in a nurturing education setting.  Some of the highest performing schools in Wake County are traditional curriculum schools.

Media Center

Cary Elementary strives to help student become lifelong learners with skills needed in the 21st century.  Media and Technology skills are key.  Cary Elementary integrated these into their curricular areas so they are used as tools in the acquisition of knowledge.

Cary Elementary Media Center operates on a predominantly flexible schedule, which means students are able to checkout books as often as desired.  This open-scheduling model also gives teachers the freedom to schedule multiple sessions in a short period of time so their students can effectively utilize the resources available for class projects and research.  Students, teachers, parents and staff enjoy utilizing the Media Center to meet their pleasure reading and information seeking needs.

Cary Elementary School has the ability to access to Media Collation from Home.


Technology in the Classroom

Every classroom has between 2-4 networked computers with access to the school network resources as well as the internet.  Each classroom also has a television with a VCR and access to a school-wide cable network.  Teachers may check out digital cameras and video cameras for use within the classroom.

TRACKS Computer Lab


Cary Elementary school's computer lab is called the TRACKS lab to continue the theme of the school mascot, the cougar.  TRACKS is an acronym that stands for the purpose of the lab:  Technology Reinforcing Academics, Creativity, Knowledge and Skills.

Cary Elementary PTA

You can sign up for volunteer for a wide variety of programs, for the students, school and grounds.


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