Turner Creek Elementary School

Turner Creek Elementary School is located on Highway 55 between Cary and Apex, NC and offers students high quality instruction, opportunities for advanced studies, creative exploration and extra-curricular activities.  This school operates on a year round curriculum in a nurturing educational setting and serves K - 5 grades.  Year round schools provide a continuous learning process.

Enrollment for the school year 2008-2009 is 953.

Students at year-round schools are divided into four groups, called tracks, with each track having its own calendar.  In a year-round elementary school, the traditional 180-day school year is divided into nine-week quarters with a three week break at the end of each quarter.  Students are in school the same number of days as their counterparts in traditional schools; the days are simply redistributed throught the year.  The reorganized schedule is called a 45/15 - 45 days in school, 15 days off.

Schedules are staggered so that, at any given time, three tracks are in school and one is on break.  These staggered schedules make it possible for the school to serve up to thirty-three percent more students than its intended capacity.

"We have healthy schools across the country," said Assistant Superintendent Maurice Boswell.  "With our healthy schools, the support we provide teachers and the quality of life we enjoy, Wake County is a great place to work and that's why we're able to recruit and retain the best teachers."

The Wake County school system is governed by a nine-member board of education whose members are elected from nine separate districts in the county and serve staggered four-year terms.  The board sets policy, and the superintendent and administrative staff manage the system's day-to-day operation.  The board has budget review authority, but it is not a taxing body and must submit its annual budget requests to the Wake County Board of Commissioners which controls allocation of funds to the schools.  In North Carolina the basic public education program is funded by the state and is augmented with local funds.

Turner Creek Elementary School
6801 Turner Creek Road,
Cary NC 27519. 

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